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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cat in the Hat Cake for Dr. Seuss Week

Here is a cake I made last year for Dr. Seuss week.  Since it is that time of year again I thought I'd share it. 

Here is how I made it(sorry no pictures):

Bake (3) 6" round cakes

Torte and fill each cake(cut each cake into 2 layers and put frosting in the middle of each layer).

Start stacking cakes by putting a 6" cake board under the cakes.
Stack each cake on top of each other and put frosting in the middle of each cake.

Frost the cake with a crumb coat.  I like to put mine in the freezer for a while before the next step.

Sharpen one end of a dowel and find the center of the cake board that is the base board(the blue one) and push the dowel partially through that board.  I used cake boards to make the base board on the bottom(I will do a tutorial for these cake boards/platters soon). Before the next step make sure your dowel is just shorter than the height of your cake.

Remove the dowel and push it through the center of the cake and through the cake board that is on the bottom of the cakes.  Since there is a cake board between my cake and the base board I like to put a little hot glue in the center of the base board(where I made my partial hole) and then set the cake on top of that and push the dowel down just a little more, so I know it went into the hot glue.  Remember there is a board on the bottom of the cake, so the hot glue will not touch the cake.

Next I covered the cake with white fondant and then made the brim of the hat with a strip of fondant.

The last step was to "paint" the cake.  To do this I used paste food coloring and clear vanilla extract.  By mixing some of the two together you get like a water color type paint.  This is what I did with the red and black.  Only use paint brushes that you use specifically for cake.

This was a fun cake to make and my son's class loved it!  

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