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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ice Cream Buffet

Here is an ice cream buffet I did for a Relief Society Meeting:

The ice cream was served in tumbler cups with cupcake wrappers on the bottom of them.   The cups fit perfectly in the cupcake wrappers.  I just used a little double sided scrapbook tape and that kept them right on. 

The sign was made with my Cricut machine, some cute paper, tulle and ribbon.

The toppings are all in mason jars with cute labels on them. 

Some of the toppings we had are:
Andes Mints
Reese’s Pieces
White Chocolate Chips
Strawberry Wafers
Maraschino Cherries     
Whipping Cream
Hot Fudge
Strawberry Syrup
Marshmallow Cream

For the ice cream we used vanilla and chocolate ice cream and also had a healthier option...banana puree.  I just peeled and wrapped some bananas in plastic wrap, froze them overnight, then stuck them in my food processor and put it on the dough setting and bam...banana puree.  
Now that I've done this once, I think I will do it again (hopefully even better) for another event...maybe a birthday party!  

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