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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seafoam and Peach Bridal Shower

Earlier this year I threw a bridal shower for my sister.  It was fun to see everything I had pictured all come together!  I love throwing showers and parties because it gives me an excuse to get crafty and make something.  For my sister’s shower I made the green dessert stands, the fabric garland curtain, invitations, bridal game cards, an almond cake, a peach drink, French macarons, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and I purchased a few apothecary jars and some candy from to add to the dessert table.   Here is how it turned out:
Where did I begin and how did I do it?


Before you can have a party you must make invitations for the party.  For the invitations I used cute colors of cardstock to coordinate with the colors of the shower, a Cricut machine, a Sizzix, some ink, a peachy pink pearl, and of course my computer and printer.   I used a basic word document to print the invitation onto the peachy pink paper.  After searching for the right color of carstock I ended up going with this one that was a little bluer than I wanted.  "Seafoam" was actually the name of the cardstock.  I used the Cricut to cut out the flower, the Sizzix to add the embossing, and a little pearl in the center of the flower.

Fabric Curtain

To make the fabric curtain I made several cuts along one side of the fabric so I could easily tear each piece into strips.  I had to cut the lace into strips since it would not tear like the other fabrics.  Once each strip was made I tied them to twine.  I used the extra fabric to dress up some vases and the apothecary jars which added to the décor.

Dessert Stands

Some of my favorite things I made for this shower were the green dessert stands.  They are so simple and fun to make!  I purchased 2 plates and 2 cups from Ikea and used glass glue to glue them together.   I also love to bake, so of course I made the French macarons and dipped the marshmallows in white chocolate and added some sprinkles!
Candy from
Peach Drink

For the peach drink I used Clear American Golden Peach and mixed in some Crystal Light Peach Bellini.

Bridal Shower Game

I went to a shower once where we were given a plain cardstock with a list of items worth different points and for each item you had in your purse you got the points for that item.  The person with the most points wins.   I designed a cute card to play this game and changed and added some items to the game.  We also had a guessing game where the guests had to count how many candies were in a mason jar.  Each guest wrote there name and guess on a cute little card and the person who guessed the closest won the mason jar full of candy.
 Everything turned out better than I imagined it would!  Now I just need another shower so I can do it all again with some of my many other ideasJ

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