Create, Recreate, and why not make a little Treat while you're at it!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

100 Days of School Treat

Here is a treat I am making for the 100th day of school coming up next week.  

Things you need to make 100 Days of School Cookie Pops: 
Lollipop Sticks
White Candy Melts
Cookie Sheet lined with Parchment Paper
Sprinkles(I decided to add these after taking the picture)
Serrated Knife
Bowl to melt the Candy Melts in

First you have to get the lollipop sticks in the cookies. 

For the Strawberry Wafers you need to cut a rectangle with a serrated Knife in a sawing motion to make a spot for the stick to go.  Then scrape that part of the wafer out with the knife.  Then you dip the stick in the melted Candy Melts and place it in the spot you made for it.  Once that sets you can dip the whole wafer in the Candy Melts.  
For the Oreo you just twist it open and dip your stick in the chocolate and place it in the Oreo and close it back up. Once it sets you can then dip the Oreo in the candy melts.

I like to dip them twice.  Once in a bowl I think of as a crumb coat (like on a cake).  When you dip it the first time some crumbs will get into the melted chocolate.  After it sets you can dip it in second bowl of Candy Melts that doesn't have crumbs in it and it makes the whole thing look much better.  Right after you dip them you can sprinkle them with any sprinkles you'd like. 

After the 1st dip
After the 2nd dip and sprinkles

Once you are done you have your 100 Days of School Treats

Coming Soon...I will be posting how I made the pop stand in this picture!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Switch Sides if...

Last month I was looking for a getting to know you game that I could do with a large group of women for Relief Society.  After searching for something we could play I came up with my own game.  It is called:
It is a spin off of the "This or That" game. Here is how it works:

We started by having everyone stand on whatever side of the line they wanted.  Then I asked everyone to “switch sides if” the statement applied to them.  After some of the statements they were asked to tell someone next to them a little more about themselves. 
I wasn’t sure if the game would go well, but it ended up being a lot of fun and got everyone talking.  It was really neat to see who switched sides on some of the statements and who had the same things in common with each other and with you. 

Here are some of the statements:

You like to cook
You prefer summer more than winter
You have been on a mission… if you switched sides tell someone where
You have 4 or more kids
You prefer dogs more than cats
You were born in (the state you live)…if you didn’t switch sides tell someone where
You like to sew
You have any grandchildren… if you switched sides tell someone how many
You prefer spring more than fall
You have ridden a horse
You have lived in another state…if you switched sides tell someone where
You prefer pie more than cake 
You have 4 or more siblings
You have a pet… if you switched sides tell someone what pet you have and it’s name
You prefer morning more than night
You were named after someone…if you switched sides tell someone who
You like to sing
You have participated in a race (like a 5K or marathon)
You speak another language…if you switched sides tell someone what languages you speak
You prefer mountains more than beach
You prefer books more than movies
Play an instrument…if you switched sides tell someone what instrument you play
You like to play sports or have played on any teams
You prefer dark chocolate more than white Chocolate
You have traveled out of the country…if you switched sides tell someone where

You prefer washing dishes more than doing laundry

There are many other things you could add to this list to fit your "getting to know you" group.